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Lapras VMAX Gold

Lapras VMAX Gold is a powerful card from the Pokemon TCG. It has a fantastic visual design, with Lapras shown in its fully evolved form. The card features three distinct areas with different effects: one area representing Lapras's attack, another area representing Lapras's HP and the final area representing Lapras's special ability. Its attack power is immense, dealing 200 damage to your opponent's active Pokemon while also dealing an additional 30 damage to their benched Pokemon. Its HP is even more impressive - a whopping 300! This makes it extremely difficult for your opponent to KO Lapras VMAX Gold in just one turn. Even if they do manage to bring it down, its special ability will help you bring it back up strong. When this card is Knocked Out, you can choose one of your benched Pokemon-GX or EX and make it the same amount of HP as Lapras VMAX Gold had when it was knocked out - giving you an amazing comeback potential! Finally, its devastating G-Max Wave attack allows you to discard two Energy cards from your hand in order to deal 500 damage - enough to knock out most if not all of your opponent's Pokemon in a single attack! Overall, Lapras VMAX Gold is an incredibly powerful card that offers immense amounts of damage and comebacks paired with stunning visuals. It truly lives up to its name as the apex predator of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

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