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Magnezone Vstar

Magnezone is one of the most popular Electric types of Pokemon in the Pokeverse and rightfully so. It is powerful has access to many great moves, and most importantly, it looks rad! And this design of Magnezone shines bright in the Magnezone VSTAR! The card is a part of the Lost Origin Expansion released recently. The card has quickly climbed the hype ladder of Pokemon VSTAR cards. The VSTAR cards are a new gimmick introduced into the TCG earlier this year. The Magnezone VSTAR features the Pokemon, ready to discharge thousands of volts of electric power toward its enemies. The background is filled with electric sparks, which only enhance the Magnezone in the forefront. By far, the illustration is this card's biggest selling point. Since the expansion's release, the Magnezone VSTAR has been doing good numbers across various reseller sites and continues to do so. Magnezone was first introduced in the 4th generation of Pokemon games and got a final evolution soon after in the form of Magenmite, which is even more menacing to look at!
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