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Pikachu Mega Sableye

Pikachu Mega Sableye features a powerful Electric-type Pikachu which has harnessed the power of Ghost-type Sableye to become even stronger! Its artwork shows Pikachu with a teal aura surrounding it, glowing eyes and a menacing pose, ready to attack its opponents. In terms of stats, Pikachu Mega Sableye has 220 HP and three powerful attacks: Shadow Claw, Shadow Break and Dark Pulse. The Shadow Claw move does 60 damage while discarding two energy cards from your opponent's hand. Meanwhile, Shadow Break does 80 damage while also dealing an extra 20 damage if there are any stadium cards in play. Finally, the Dark Pulse attack deals 130 damage with no additional effects or requirements. All in all, Pikachu Mega Sableye is an incredibly powerful card that can turn the tides of battle in its favor with its high HP and potent attacks. It is sure to be a favorite among Pokemon TCG players who love collecting rare cards as well as those who enjoy playing competitively!
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