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You may remember we recently acquired the domain for OG Pokemon forum Pokemon World. In 2012, user Pokechamp21 posted the chilling story below on the forums, where it became the internet’s source of truth for the fateful ‘poo fights’. Read below!

PokeChamp21 circa Mar 03, 2012 on

PokeChamp21’s First Official PWUK Warstory Part 1

Now as some of you know I met up with alot of the PWUK gang at last years VGC where I thought ‘wow this is a good bunch of people to talk about Pokemon and stuff since Pallet Tribune got very inactive, I will join them after VGC.’ And sure enough after years of nagging from Sceptile Jack and PokeZak to join PWUK I finally did. I should say now that this is a very long Warstory of the day before VGC (Friday 2nd March) and it has no pictures so I prob does suck, but it has some laughs and a few suprises on what happened on my first meet up of everyone at PWUK as an official member. So here is my first warstory for PWUK and my first EVER warstory aswell from the eyes of yours truely =)

Like most Warstories, mine begins on the day before the big event. After spending the night asking around on Chat if anyone was gonna be getting the same train as me (to which I got a no from everyone, thanx guys), I got up from 5-6 hours sleep and resided to the fact I was traveling alone today. After leaving my home village of Southminster in Essex (have a look on Google Earth and you shall see how long my Journey was gonna be geographically) on the 8.56am train to London Liverpool Street Station. I immediately got on with some last minute IV breeding and EV training for my younger cousin (FeraligaterJake). After an hour or so I reach London Liverpool Street and hooped on the Underground to London Euston where after I arrived, I then begin my seach for a digital camera (mine had decided not to work this year) while I waited 25min for my train to turn up. I get my train and then spent 2 hours or so finishing up training for my cousin and listen to my Pokemon VGC mix on my iTunes.

I reach Birmingham International and proceed to the Etap Hotel after still hunting around having no luck trying to get hold of a digital camera. I get into the lobby and turn to my left and I am met with the faces of Rob, Blakey, Marti, TenZin and a few others (whos names have left my poor short term memory sorry) . I sign in at the desk and then Foodking turns up. After a quick hello he then signs in only to find out he pre-booked at E-Tap Birmingham Central not International which leads to a arkward and funny moment of Foodking asking everyone if he could sleep in their bathtubs until Blakey points out that the hotel only has showers xD. I then quickly get changed outta my traveling shirt and into my old Team Rocket T-shirt and meet up with everyone downstaires and the ‘Spanish Team’ have arrived. After a quick hello we then go to Wether Spoons for a late lunch. This was where I first came across the infamous drunk Rob after 1 pint of Carlsberg I think (please correct me if I’m wrong Rob). Soon Ant, Alex and Nathan turn up where I ask Alex not to knock me out in the second round again which then led Ant to ask me not to knock him out in the first round either xD. It also turned out at this point that Ant had an extremely good night (from what I’m not sure so ask him) and was still suffering the side affects according to Nathan. We then leave to meet up with more members from PWUK at E-tap after I pointed out that Gree had wrote in the forums a rather fair comment on the accomodation we were staying at. We then meet up with new member Missingno (that Blakey mistook for Foodking) and soon Nidorich and his friends as well as a few other PWUK members turn up including Gree himself (again didnt catch everyones names sorry). Soon Rob and a few others left for another round of drinks back at Wether Spoons so we go and join him a lil bit later. I dont drink myself due to personal reasons (one me being 25 and my drunk days are behind me as far as Im concerned) but it was never the less, nice to see everyone having fun, even when Aeo turned up everything was calm and cool. Soon Gec and Kinneas arrive with some friends for the meet up at Frankie&Bennys. I then make my way back o the hotel waiting for my friend Matt to arrive all the way from Portsmouth.

After 30-40min in my room relaxing with a quick snooze I awoke to the sound of banging comming from down the hall from where the ‘Spanish Team’ were staying in. It seems that at some point after they had turned up and when we went to Wether Spoons the Spniards had decided to have a ‘Poo’ fight in the corridor and this had upset the staff and several guests (naturally) at the hotel enough to call the Police and have them leave. At the same time my friend was arriving at Birmingham so I rushed to go and inform Rob and everyone at Frankie&Bennys what was happening at the hotel only to find out he already knew. It was then that I heard a familiar force of Chimba asking why I hadnt said hello. This was one of the best parts of the evening cause I first met Chimba at the Darkrai event back in 2007 where we both took part in a tag battle against a highly skilled guy at Nintendo called ‘Dave’ who was basically dressed as a long blode haired Ash. Chimba & I beat him and his ‘WonderTomb’ and we shared a train journey back part way where I first learnt about EV training which changed my Pokemon social life forever xD Anyway on a recently embarrassing and funny post from my friend ‘Ivan’ asking me to come to London 3 where I replied saying that I couldnt but told him to meet up with some friends from PWUK… it then slowly clicks in my head that Chimba from PWUK was my old friend ‘Ivan’ who I hadnt seen in 5 years! So yeah Chimba bud was a special moment for me man xD

Anyway I go and meet up with my friend, drop his bags off at the hotel and went meet up with everyone back at Frankie&Bennys. Soon after SceptileJack and PokeZak turn up, who I had meet back VGC 2009 and met up at several other Pokemon events in London and VGC since. After I had grabbed a quick bite to eat from a sandwich bar just opposite Frankie&Bennys, Gatr and soon after Cheeky Monkey turn up. After a quick hello we all split up, some go for more drinks while the rest of us head back to the Hotel for the night to do some late minute training and practice matches in our rooms. I spent most of the night helping Matt fine tune his and my own teams. It wasn’t long before it was 11:45pm and we had both agreed to get there nice and early to secure early spots right outside the VGC hall.

And this is where Part 1 finishes but I’m soon to write Part 2 which will actually have the Team I used aswell as all the days highlights from eyes. And if you thought Gree’s game was full Hax, just you wait till you see mine! Come back for Part 2 tomorrow!

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